Services & Experience

As a Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist in complex special needs, and dysphagia, Katie has a wealth of experience in working with children with the following conditions and has come across scenarios where the difficulties listed have impacted on the children’s communication or feeding development.


Experience Includes

Babies & Communication Feeding
Early stimulation and brain development
Reflux & Feeding
Tube Weaning

Cerebral Palsy

Experience Includes

CP & Feeding
Tube Feeding and safe oral experiences
Early Communication
Support through diagnosis
Multi-disciplinary working

Down Syndrome

Experience Includes

Developmental Issues
Cardiac Issues & Feeding
Chewing Development
Auditory Process
See & Learn
Language Development


Experience Includes

Food aversion in ASD
Intense Interaction
Social Skills
ASD and learning difficulties


Experience Includes

Sensory Processing
Language Delay
Effects of medication on language

Brain Injury

Experience Includes

Brain Tumour
Acquired Sensory Impairments
Childhood Stroke


What Others Say

Thank you so much for all your hard work, support and encouragement Katie.  You have really been able to understand and engage with our son who has Autism and although he is completely non-verbal, you are helping him to develop an effective way of communicating and develop confidence in himself.  You always go out of your way to help and really show you care about his personal development.  We are so grateful for all your support and expertise.

Parent, Luton

V absolutely loves Hannah, she wants her to come round all the time! V was smitten the moment [Hannah] came in!! I don’t often see her warm to someone that quickly so that’s a huge compliment.

Parent, Hitchin

Katie, you have done such a good job with H I can’t thank you enough 

And all the help and advise you give Jo (teacher) is amazing and so useful for H in class.

Parent, Stevenage

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