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Helping everyone live life to the fullest

We provide specialist therapy for very special children and young people

We strive to ensure all people living with disabilities are able to have a fulfilling life and participate fully in activities with family and friends.

We provide specialist Speech and Language Therapy so that those who can’t speak can find their voice.

We provide specialist Occupational Therapy so that those with sensory needs can understand their place in the world. (Ayres Sensory Integration)

We Get It

We have seen many of the experiences complex children and their families face day to day and at times of transition, and we take time to really listen to get to know your perspective.

We Really Care

We want the same things you do for your child. We value your child as a unique person and you as their parent.  We listen to what you tell us so we can provide what you and your child need at the time you need us to. 

We Know Our Stuff

Together with your knowledge of your child and our skills and specialist training, we will find the best way to help your child succeed at every stage.  

Our Vision

We support children with complex neurological difficulties to achieve their potential and reach independence at every stage of their development and learning, whilst helping them and their families enjoy life.  

Our Why

By supporting families to have a more straightforward and personalised experience of therapy we can make the journey more comfortable and manageable for the whole family.   

We want to provide hope and inspiration through creating community and celebrating family at every stage of your therapy journey.    

We know your children have moments of showing their potential and you need guidance from us as to how they can use that to learn new skills for independent living or communication.  

We know you want the best for your child at every stage of their life.  

We know you have concerns at times of transition or change and you wonder how this will affect your child.  

We understand that you may have worries about the future, and hope our experiences and knowledge will help you prepare and feel more confident about what tomorrow brings.  

We want to help you to navigate these stages so that the transitions are smooth and success is experienced at every opportunity.  

Our Experience


Babies & Communication Feeding
Early stimulation and brain development
Reflux & Feeding
Tube Weaning

Cerebral Palsy

CP & Feeding
Tube Feeding and safe oral experiences
Early Communication
Support through diagnosis
Multi-disciplinary working

Down Syndrome

Developmental Issues
Cardiac Issues & Feeding
Chewing Development
Auditory Process
See & Learn
Language Development


Food aversion in ASD
Intense Interaction
Social Skills
ASD and learning difficulties


Sensory Processing
Language Delay
Effects of medication on language

Brain Injury

Brain Tumour
Acquired Sensory Impairments
Childhood Stroke

What our clients say

We have been lucky to work with amazing children and parents. Here’s what some have to say about our practice.

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