About Us

About Us

Family Centered

Communication is at the heart of many relationships, which is why we feel passionate about helping your child or young adult find their voice through whichever means necessary.  We support with not only investigating and trialling different communication methods, but work to ensure all family members are involved in decisions, and in understanding and implementing activities and strategies at every step of the therapy process. 

Working with you

Steps to grow

We aim to provide in depth thorough assessments for all our clients leading to the best outcomes possible for them and their families. 

We have 4 Speech and language therapists currently working at The Mosaic Practice and share individual skills, knowledge and experience leading to a highly skilled team ready to support all of our clients and families.

We are open to new ways of working, and will help you investigate new ways of working with your child if you have found things have become static with your child’s communication development. 

We work closely with our NHS colleagues ensuring best practice is shared and targets are agreed together.

We are developing our links with specialist centres and national agencies to ensure our practice is in alignment with up to date information and research.